As many of you know, we did a teleseminar last week titled, “How Virtual Assistants Can Profit from the Social Media Explosion in 2008?. This teleseminar event was very well attended and we are still receiving great feedback and questions which is cool! You can access a recording of the event through our VAClassroom Membership Site.

One of the topics I discussed in this teleseminar was the rapidly growing opportunities for Web Savvy Virtual Assistants to position themselves as Facebook Marketing VAs. We discussed the different services you might offer clients seeking to leverage this channel such as:

Setting up and managing Facebook profiles.

Coordinating Facebook Events.

Moderating and participating in targeted Facebook groups.

Inviting and adding new business friends for your clients.

Creating and managing Facebook business pages for your clients.

The list goes on.

One of the advanced services we discussed involved implementing and managing Facebook Pay Per Click Ad campaigns which are becoming increasingly popular. A handful of Internet business owners are generating some excellent profits through this channel.

A Business Collegue of mine, Peter Koning, has just launched an ebook and membership site called Facebook Payday. I have had a chance to review some of this resource and it is very impressive. The ebook will provide you with some of the skills and knowledge required to set-up and manage successful PPC ad campaign through Facebook.

If you are seeking to grow a Facebook Marketing niche for your business then Facebook Payday is definitely worth checking out!



Over the last 18 months, I have become an incurable learner on the exploding Social Media Movement and the profound impact it can have for Internet Business Owners like myself. I have digested blog posts, articles, webinars and even wrote a couple of my own articles pertaining to Social Media. (Check out my SiteProNews Article, “Is Social Media Marketing really worth your time and effort?”). My overwhelming conclusion is that Social Media Marketing is a MUST for all business owners in order to realize their full potential in 2008 and beyond!

We are currently seeing a major shift in thinking among Internet Businesses pertaining to Social Media. In 2007, businesses were asking the question (with skepticism): “Can Social Media Marketing really do anything for my business? Is there any value in hanging out in Facebook groups, commenting on blogs, networking in Linked.com and sharing my videos in YouTube? I think that question has been effectively answered by many of the Industry experts who have openly endorsed Social Media Marketing as a powerful business building channel.

The real question Internet Businesses are asking now is: “Okay, we see that Social Media Marketing is a GOOD thing, but how the heck do we find the time to actually carry out all these important Social Media Marketing activities????

The answer Virtual Assistants who have tapped in to this exploding Social Media Niche. There are Virtual Assistants who are becoming specialists in editing, producing and syndicating videos to all the major video-sharing sites. There are others who are Facebook experts who know the “ins and outs” on building industry-specific groups, business facebook pages and even setting up and managing Pay Per Click Facebook campaigns.

There is even the whole emerging trend of “Presence Managers” where businesses hire a Virtual Assistant to represent or even be them in the various social networks they are targeting. Now, there are some ethical issues with that one, but a growing area for sure!

Given that Social Media is continuing to experience explosive growth, there are no shortage of opportunities for Virtual Assistants to tap into this niche.

So, with my collective passion for Social Media and Virtual Assistants, I have decided to run a teleseminar that might interest you, titled:

“How Virtual Assistants can profit from the Social Media Explosion in 2008?.

This will essentially be a “mini-lesson” taken in part from the upcoming release of the Internet Marketing VA Training Program at VAClassroom.com. Also on the call, we will be making an important announcement and special offer regarding the launch of VAClassroom.com, so certainly worth checking out

Please stay tuned to this blog over the next day or so as I will provide some more concrete details on how you can get signed up for this important teleseminar!