I just wanted to let you know of an exciting free webinar event we are hosting at VAClassroom on Thursday August 7th at 2pm (EST) of this week.

I have to say that I am unusually excited about this event! Let me tell you why

My friends at Freshbooks have graciously loaned their CEO Mike McDerment to us for an hour so he can share some powerful insights on:

“Virtual Nirvana: How to Remain Productive and Inspired When You Work Alone.”

You see, Mike is a serial Entrepreneur who has already led two successful Internet start-ups before his roaring success with When he first started out he was not as fortunate to have the talented staff he now has with Freshbooks – he was a “Lone Ranger.” Mike has experienced firsthand the “Good, Bad, and Ugly” of working as a Virtual Solopreneur, like many of you!

Our intent with this webinar is to help re-charge your Virtual Business batteries and keep you engaged and passionate about the work you do!

Now, Mike and his Team at have graciously offered a $25 discount coupon on their small business billing packages for every participant on the call, which is awesome.

Also, our team at VAClassroom will be giving away a “Pure Digital Flip Camcorder” to one of the webinar participants on the call, so be sure to stick around until the end! I own The Flip and have used it for all my videos on YouTube – excellent tool!

To claim one of the 300 spots for this webinar event, just sign-up at the below link:

Also, you will be able to access this event via the web at:

This is going to be a great event and we look forward to seeing you there!



I probably shouldn t be using the “R” word in my title as it tends to get people a little jumpy, but inevitably that is the obvious direction we are going in light of the current economic crisis.

Typically during recessions or financially difficult times, businesses cut advertising and marketing dollars and wait out the storm until they can resume business as normal. But interestingly enough, it is being forecasted that businesses will be investing more time and money into Internet Marketing during a potential recession as it is more cost-effective and measurable than traditional ad channels. Typically Internet Marketing efforts require more of your time and less of your money over other types of advertising.

I have been loving the blog, HubSpot as of late and just read a great post pertaining to this issue:

Six Reasons to Invest In Internet Marketing During the Recession

In the blog post, they cite a study by emarketer that reveals the shift in spending to Internet Marketing over traditional channels.

Many of you are working with “Brick and Mortar” clients that likely do some offline advertising. This is the perfect opportunity for you to enlighten them as to the power and cost-effectiveness of Internet Marketing activities over offline ad channels. Further to that, this might also be the perfect opportunity for you to look at our Internet Marketing VA Training Course at VAClassroom in order to sharpen your Internet Marketing know-how during a time when Internet Marketing investment is only continuing to grow Even during a “R_____N” (Didn t want to say the word again:)